Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Sad to say, but the only reason that MONK made the WEG team was
because Jeremy Reynolds pulled his beloved Smitty. If you knew what
the selectors knew you would have to make the same call. You want
your "suspect horse" to be the individual rider and not in the 4 horse
team. I think the only reason he would be "suspect" was his pull in
Danville. MONK has never had any lameness issues until he traveled on
that coarse, where he obviously found a hole with his name on it. I
have lots to say about Danville, but will leave that for another time.
I think under other circumstances I would of pulled my horse and gone
home, but the lure of being on the WEG USA team was too strong and
I/we succumbed to the pressure. I abandoned what I knew was best for
my horse. But I was not the only one, not that that is any

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