Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Great Britain: I Think She's Ready!

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Sunday, 5 September 2010

So I think my little Java is ready to get the job done. So we cantered on Friday. The plan: 16km canter @ approx 22kph. MMmm. Miss Java started very nicely and we trotted around the 3km stubble field which has become very sandy since combining. However from that point it deteriated. She wanted to go faster and I wanted to start at around 18kph building up to a finishing pace of around 24kph. But Oh No... we should obviously be starting at 24kph!

So Java being quite difficult to ride on occassions, and so it bagan- The Clash of The Titans!!!!!! After the 3rd loop of riding with all my mite trying not to use my hands and instead ride her from my backside I decided it was safer for everyone if we went back to school so picked a corner and did exactly that. Round and round in circles, changing reins and half halting, Java chomping at the bit getting crosser and crosser but I finally got her back in work mode and managed to get a nice canter back around the field and decided to call it a day. Mind you we went round and round in circles for so long that we still did 16km!...

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