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Italy: Endurance, let me introduce you to ISHA and to her story of love and horses - Full Article

Pubblicato il 03 settembre 2010 in Endurance

Among many encounters experienced in the world of horses, there is an important one… a person who left me a special impression.

Isha Judd is Australian but can be considered “daughter of the world” due to her trips in many countries. She decided to bring her horses to Italy, in the region of Abruzzo where they will be trained.

The choice fell on the new born stables “La Divina” property of Mirco Mazzocchetti and of Oscar Bacot owner of the farm Aras de l’Alma in Punta de l’Este together with his wife Veronica Koncke, a well known rider in Italy too.

His horses will start training in Italy and then they will depart to different destinations attending Italian races first...

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