Tuesday, September 21, 2010

France: Change on the French Endurance Team

The rumour running around yesterday has been confirmed by an announcement, in the usual laconic style of the FFE, that the French team has had to withdraw Bénédicte Santisteva and Djour de Bozouls. Raison because of concerns about the horse'e health.... They will be replaced by Cécile Miletto-Mosti and Easy Fontnoire... a crack rider with an exceptional horse. As a result it's possible that national selector Jean-Louis Leclerc, will review his strategy… In effect, with the replacement of the 12 year-old Djour by the 8 year-old Easy, the team now has three 8 year-old horses - and 8 is the ideal age, according to M. Leclerc, to run a 160k. Consequently there are now 3, not 2, horses who could run for the individual title: Virginie Atger on Azim du Florival, Cécile Miletto-Mosti with Easy Fontnoire, and Sarah Chakil with Sakalia. But given that the latter is still a youngster, the situation seems most advantageous for the two others, two riders with similar experience on two horses of undoubtable ability. M. Leclerc will have to pick one or the other...

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