Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shaker Village the 13th - Heather Reynolds

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010
Above you will see Sam's dinner, now you can see where he gets his goofy side from:)

We have been keeping busy. This past weekend Jim Bryant came here again and trotted all of the horses. I think he was happy with the over all group.

On Saturday morning our group was asked to be the guest speakers for the annual Al Khamsa (SP?) convention. At the last minute the speaker that they originally had could not make it so we became the show. Their group was very nice. The club is based on having horses bloodlines that go back to Bedouin blood on all lines of their pedigree, or so I understood it, sorry if I have it wrong.

After our speech about the WEG endurance team we headed out and had brunch at Cracker Barrel. After we were all fed we headed over to Spy Coast.

Spy Coast is a hunter jumper barn. It is a stunning facility. The barn was immaculate, airy and state of the art. We all admired the barn. Spy Coast arranged for the USA team to park our trailers on their property which is great, as it will be the closest possible place for us to park next to the crew area for ride day. We were also able to view the crew lay out from their property.

While we were there we saw Ivanhoe, Michelle Roush's mount. Spy Coast is the proud owner of this mare...

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