Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Shaker Village - Reynolds Racing

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Monday, 6 September 2010

We have now been in Shaker Village for a week. Almost all of the riders are here. Meg has not arrived yet but both of her horses have been here and Michelle Roush and her horse arrived yesterday and we got to see Emmit, the ride manager for the World Championship.

Jeremy went straight to work on assembling the Supreme Horse Walker the first day we were here. There was a problem with the fencing as they had not been arranged for. Jason Stasuk fixed that problem with a few phone calls. We are in full operation with the walker going for two sets a day.

The housing we have is nice. All riders got a room and each room has a full bathroom. Jeremy and I got two rooms so Deborah's crew, Emilio is staying in our extra at the moment. Something we were not expecting is that we are on our own for meals and there isn't a place to make food unless you can cook everything in a microwave and store enough stuff for 14 people in one hotel room size fridge!

The horses are healthy and things are looking good. All of the people here are getting along well...

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