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Friday September 17 2010

This is a post that I wrote some time ago, but did not feel it was appropriate to post until now. I will finish the post at the end so you know what happened....

Pre Shaker Village

Not widely known but MONK was in fact pulled at Danville. He had completed the 17 and 24 mile loop when he came up off on the left front at the Vet check. Well, needless to say our hearts sank to the bottom depths of our chests. The head vet told Lindsay that the FAT lady had not sung yet, so to just wait and see what happens.

MONK had been standing at the trailer for over 3 hours. He had been iced and his legs were in wraps with poultice. Becky Hart and a couple of Vets showed up at our trailer and wanted MONK to trot out, so we did. They trotted him out a couple of times, all of which looked perfect to me and others, who were standing around. He was pronounced significantly better, (I think that means not lame)..

Needless to say we were very happy and surprised that he was selected to go to Shaker. I was asked prior to the selection if I would be willing to have a full lameness exam done on MONK, to which I agreed.

As soon as I got to Lexington I got a call from Dr. Duncan Peters from Hagyard vet clinic. We made an appointment for him to see MONK at their clinic, which is right across the street from Lexington Horse Park.

A couple of days prior to the appointment MONK showed up with a large 6" scrape on his left rear butt cheek where he probably skidded out on the wet grass. I was not too concerned as I was pretty sure that there was no lameness to be found.

Dr. Peters did all the standard lameness exam stuff, trotting out,
circling and a flexion exam, which I am not too fond of.. MONK showed
sings on his left rear, (where he had fallen) of taking a few bad
steps after the flexion test. We were sent home with some Bute and
said he would call for a re check the next week...

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