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Sunday, 29 August 2010
On Sunday the 22 of Aug I went to Yosemite and stayed overnight to hike Half Dome with my parents and sisters and some friends. We hiked on Monday and then drove home that night. Jeremy had too many horses to shoe so we sadly went without him. He has done the hike a few times already so it wasn't too horrible for him, although I am sure he would have loved to have gone.

We got back on Monday night around 11:45 pm and then I packed up my bag and got everything ready for my 10 am flight for Tuesday morning. When our tickets to fly were booked, we booked them round trip from the time trial in Illinois to CA and back. Originally I was going to go with Jeremy to Deborah Reich's house and then to home. Unfortunately her dogs got mange from the local fox and I had my ticket changed to go directly home as Merlin was traveling with us. Because of this, on our return trip Jeremy and I were on two separate flights at different times on different airlines from two different airports.

Tim drove Jeremy to San Francisco for a 7 am departure and my Mom drove me to San Jose for a 10 am departure. We meet up in Chicago and drove to Jan and Grace's house. It is about 2 and 1/2 hours from their house. We landed on the 24th and I have yet to see my baggage... it is the 29th today! Delta.

Our horses were great when we arrived with the exception of a sunburn on Smitty's nose. Poor guy, it was bright red and cracked. It looks a lot better now. Their weight was both good though and they were in good spirits...

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