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2017 Tevis - Who to Watch For

August 4 2017
by Merri

With 1 day to go for the 2017 Tevis Cup, 171 riders signed up as of August 2. Who will make the Top Ten this year, and who will the winner be? Here are a few horses and riders to watch, if you're a betting man.

Last year's Tevis Cup winners, Karen Donley, of Mountain Center, California, and her 15-year-old Arabian mare Royal Patron, return to the course. Karen will be riding with her son JJ Donley, aboard his 8-year-old Arabian gelding MMF Aragorn. Karen and JJ have ridden the Tevis together 5 times, but they have never both completed the ride. Maybe this will be the year it happens.

The Reynolds, of Dunnellon, Florida are back. Jeremy (4th place last year) will be riding their 7-year-old Arabian mare Treasured Moments. Jeremy is a 3-time Tevis Cup and 2-time Haggin Cup winner. Heather will ride their 8-year-old Arabian gelding Grand Ku. Heather is a 2-time Tevis Cup and 1-time Haggin Cup winner.

Lindsay Fisher, of Napa, California, and Chris Martin's 15-year-old Arabian gelding Monk are back. The pair finished 8th in 2015 and 5th in 2016.

The Blakeley family from Terrebonne, Oregon, who consistently finish in the Top Ten or 15 of Tevis are back. This year parents Gabriela and Wasch will ride. Gabriela will ride their 8-year-old Arabian gelding LLC Pyros Choice, and Wasch will be aboard their 8-year-old gelding Ra Ares Bey. Son Barrak won the 2014 Haggin Cup.

Tony Benedetti, of Santa Rosa, California, who finished 9th last year, will ride his 11-year-old Arabian gelding TCF Arowdy Knight.

Last year's 10th place finisher, Suzy Hayes of Arlee, Montana, and her 14-year-old Anglo-Arabian Greenbriar Al Jabal, return this year to the trail.

The 'two Jennies' will ride again this year. Jennifer Waitte, of Napa, California, will ride her 7-year-old half Arabian gelding De La Cruz. Jenni Smith, of Moraga, California, will ride the 10-year-old Arabian gelding French Fry. Jenni won the Haggin Cup aboard Auli Farwa in 2015

The phenomenal 17-year-old Arabian gelding Auli Farwa, owned by Rusty Toth, will be ridden by Tennessee Lane, of La Veta, Colorado. Far won the Haggin Cup (2015 with Jenni Smith), and has a perfect 73-73 record, including 7 Tevis Cup finishes.

2009 Haggin Cup winner Melissa Ribley (riding LD Monique that year) will be riding her 7-year-old Arabian gelding Ever Ready.

Keep an eye on Leah Cain, of Gypsum, Colorado, and her homebred 10-year-old Arabian gelding OT Dyamonte Santo. This pair won last year's AERC National 100-mile Championship.

Another Championship pair are Christoph Schork, of Moab, Utah, and his 15-year-old Arabian mare GE Stars Aflame. This pair have won numerous national awards, including the 2013 50 mile championship, the 2011 100-mile championship, and the 2010 War Mare award.

You might also want to watch out for young Bryna Stevenson, from Newton, New Jersey, and her Arabian cross mare Whisperstreams Atropine, winner of the 2014 100-mile Old Dominion, and the 2015 AERC National 100-mile Championship. I'm just sayin'.

If you're a Mule fan, Frank Smith, of Grass Valley, California, is riding his 16-year-old gelding Raptor. Jani Collins, from Sheridan, California, is aboard her 7-year-old mare mule Wide Awake. Brian Reome of Grass Valley, California will ride his 15-year-old gelding Hondo, all mules doing their first Tevis.

You can pick your own favorites: start list is here:

and you'll be able to follow your riders tomorrow at various sources:

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