Saturday, August 19, 2017

AERC Nat'l Championships: Fun Day, Rest Day, Prep Day

August 19 2017
by Merri

Saturday at the AERC National Championships in La Veta, Colorado, was a day of fun, relaxation, and prep for Sunday's 100-mile Championship.

All day pig roast, fantastic musician/singer Bruce Hayes, an L.D. ride, getting ready for tomorrow's National Championship 100-mile ride.

Loops for the 100-mile ride are:
Loop 1 - 24 miles, in camp gate and go
Loop 2 - 17 miles, out vet check, 1 hour
Loop 3 - 15 miles, out vet check, gate and go
Loop 4 - 15 miles, in camp vet check, 1 hour
Loop 5 - 18 miles, in camp gate and go
Loop 6 - 11 miles, in camp finish

Pulse is 64 all day. Start time is 4:30 AM. Best Condition judging will be at 9:30 Monday morning.

Last year's 100-mile Spanish Peaks ride was won in a ride time of 17:40. It's a true mountainous 100-mile ride!

Updates of the ride (crossing my fingers!!!!!) will come at each vet check:


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