Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Locals participate in the Shamrock Endurance Ride - Full Article

By: For The Herald - Updated: 12 hours ago

On July 30, Carla Stroh and Barb Orr went to the Shamrock Endurance Ride near Wheatland. Carla and her horse, Spook, we’re entered in the 30 mile race on Saturday morning. Barb would work as her ‘pit crew’. They had discussed strategy for the race on the drive down because Carla felt Spook was not in his best condition due to the wet spring and lack of riding time. They decided if they went at a slow controlled pace everything should be fine. Spook vetted in with straight A’s though he was a bit on the heavy side.

Saturday morning the race started at 8:00 with about 45 horse and riders from Wyoming, Minnesota, Colorado and New York! Carla tried to keep Spook mid-pack as the race started but after the first quarter mile but he was pulling hard and wanted to catch the front runners so she let him go. Once there he settled in. The pace was fast, 7-10 miles an hour. The first 19 miles went by in just over two hours and Barb met us at the vet check with water and sponges to cool Spook down...

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