Sunday, August 06, 2017

Auli Farwa and Tennessee Lane Win Tevis Cup

Auli Farwa: 8th Tevis Buckle, 74th Completion, Zero Pulls

August 6 2017
by Merri

The amazing endurance horse Auli Farwa completed the Tevis Cup for the 8th time yesterday, finishing his 74th ride without a pull. Ridden by Tennessee Lane, of La Veta, Colorado, the pair crossed the finish line at McCann Stadium at the Auburn (California) Fairgrounds at 10 PM, in first place.

The race was a close, exciting one from Foresthill (68 miles) on, with Lindsay Graham and Monk leaving that hour hold 3 minutes ahead of Tennessee and "Far." Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments, and Heather Reynolds and Grand Ku were close to the leading pair at this point, having moved steadily forward all day, but the 20 minute gap got bigger the rest of the race. Jeremy/Treasure Moments would finish 3rd at 11:09, and Heather/Grand Ku were pulled at Francisco's at 85 miles for lameness.

Tennessee and Far left the last checkpoint, the Lower Quarry at 94 miles, two minutes ahead of Lindsay and Monk, and ultimately arrived at the finish line 12 minutes ahead of Lindsay and Monk.

It was Tennessee's first endurance ride on Far. Over his 4500 miles and 11 seasons of endurance, the now-17-year-old gelding has carried 4 riders to the Tevis finish line: Kevin Myers in 2009. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014; Jenni Smith in 2015; Rusty Toth in 2016, and Tennessee this year. 4 of those were Top Ten finishes, and all but 1 were in the top 15. Far won the Haggin Cup in 2015 with Jenni Smith.

Now owned by Rusty Toth, Far was previously owned by Kevin Myers, who took his life last year. This year's Tevis was a sweet win for all of us who remember and miss Kevin.

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