Saturday, August 19, 2017

Colorado: AERC National Championship 100-Mile Start List

#100 MW Christoph Schork - Stars Aflame
#101 — Carla Lakenbrink - Medina MHF
#102 FW Tammy Gagnon - Secret Lover
#103 HW Gunnar Frank - Mi Clever Ansata
#104 FW Alanna Frank - Maverick
#105 HW Neil McLaughlin - Hastyflyer Zeus
#106 FW Gwen Hall - Sizedoesntmatter
#107 FW Hannah Pruss - Stuart
#108 FW Marcelle Hughes - Oliver Swift
#109 FW Kerry Redente - AM Great Othello
#110 FW Connie Caudill - Tans Terminator
#111 FW Lois McAfee - Macho Man
#112 FW Kelsie Lewis - IA Donovan
#113 FW Jennifer Poling - Prado CF

14 starters

Updates will be posted (fingers crossed!!!!!) from each vet check.
Start time 4:30 AM.

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Ghost said...

I am brave. I am strong. I am a fighter. I am risky. I am smart. I am tough. I am relentless. I am dedicated. I am obsessed. I am passionate. I am powerful. I am gutsy. I am stubborn. I am grateful. I am an athlete of the most intense sport. I am an ENDURANCE RIDER!!! Good luck 100 milers!!!